The future of Nuova Sitt depends on our capacity to supply our Clients with products and services that are competitive in terms of Quality, Delivery Time and Price, all of which are in keeping with international standards regarding the environment and energy use.

The organisational structure that the Company has in place and its market share both nationally and globally, are proof that its Management makes certain that Customer Satisfaction, Product Requests, compliance with and adherence to international standards governing the environment, energy use and efficiency, as well as internal Company rules and regulations, are always at the forefront of strategic objectives so as to ensure the success of Nuova Sitt.

To pursue these objectives, Nuova SiTT promotes the adoption of a Process Method to regulate the development, fulfilment and improvement of the efficiency of the Integrated Management System (Quality-Environment-Energy) in order to increase customer satisfaction by complying with customer specifications.

To meet this objective, the Management endeavours to ensure close monitoring of all technical and human factors of the organisation involved in the Quality of the product and environment and energy performance.


It is for this reason that the Management put in place the Integrated Management System and streamlined the Company Policy to the following international standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 14001
  • UNI EN ISO 50001
  • ISO Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949 following the most recent market demands in the Automobile Sector in particular.

The Management of Nuova Sitt undertakes to:

  • ensure that the Integrated System intended as a structure, responsibility, procedures and resources put in place to manage the company be respected and applied by all business functions and Personnel in their respective roles (responsibility and authority), as documented in the Integrated Manual, in the Procedures and Labour Instructions;
  • provide adequate information, resources and Personnel necessary for whatsoever activity linked to the Integrated System, and necessary to reach objectives and goals;
  • periodically re-examine results of System checks to guarantee their adequacy;
  • comprehend and satisfy the Client standards requirements and requests;
  • monitor Supplier performance which to ensure Client and Supplier Satisfaction that can affect the the impact on the environment and energy use;
  • evaluate the processes in terms of added value;
  • obtain results based on performance and efficiency of the processes;
  • monitor environmental features with particular attention to relevant aspects, namely;
  • monitor energy use;
  • prevent environmental pollution;
  • constant improvement to energy performance;
  • collaborate with our clients to reduce carbon emissions by substituting metals with high performance polymers and technologies;
  • apply the PDCA methodology
    • Plan: establish the objectives and processes necessary to supply results that conform to client requirements and company policy
    • Do: effect the processes
    • Check: monitor, survey and report on the processes and the product in view of the policies, objectives and requirements concerning the product
    • Act: initiate actions for continuous improvement of the process requirements

Company policy is upheld by the Management through its establishment of a team composed of all department Heads who, through periodic and systematic meetings, adhere to the above objectives, including identifying and launching preventive and corrective measures appropriate for a continuous improvement of environmental and energy requirements and the efficacy of processes based on measured objectives.

  • ENI ISO 14001
Certificato 1
  • ISO-TS 16949
Certificato 2
  • UNI EN ISO 9001
Certificato 3
  • ISO 50001
Certificato 4